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Website Redesign Project

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The website is halfway through. The client would like us to finish this project with a proper manner.
Attached is a doc for the website outline.
1. We need to improve this website.
2. Setup Calendly – It would be done under the training section, but I’m pairing down the number of trainings so it would only be 4 to 6
items that would need to be done on calendly. PFA…Training doc.
3. Create custom illustrations and add it to the pages. 1 illustration per page would be good.
4. You can leave Advocacy page as is now. The rest of the pages must be redesigned.
5. The colors must be identical to the branding color of the logo.
6. The most important is the Training page. Attached is a training doc. You can create multiple sections in this page and give a title
provided in the doc. Calendly will be setup on this page.
7. You can use placeholder content on the Training page.
8. The website layout must be clean and easy to navigate.

Project Name
Website Redesign Project